Pierre BAUËR, Co-founder -CEO

Broadly trained in science (Engineer, PhD) and business (MBA), Pierre aims at creating and managing challenging strategic and innovative projects with potential high positive impact for society. After a path in the public and private sectors at both operational and support functions in France and abroad, he is now especially passionated about bringing technologies to society with a social, business and a scientifically driven mindset, with a particular focus on innovations that can help us lead healthier lives.

Bilal MAZHAR, Co-founder -CSO

Chief Scientific Office (CSO) of Plantibodies as well as its visionary. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from California State University in 2012. In 2016, He completed his Master of Science degree specializing in systems and synthetic biology from Paris Descartes University (France) and continued to obtain a PhD in neuroscience from College de France. He has cumulative laboratory experience of 10 years in plant molecular biology, systems and synthetic biology, biotechnology, and vertebrate disease models. Prior to joining France he established import-export business in California.

Jessica APULEI, Co-founder -CTO

Jessica completed her bachelor studies at the prestigious university of Padova in cell molecular biology. She continued her passion of science by obtaining a PhD in neuroscience and pathology at College de France (2019). Currently she is a scholar at the distinguished Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, MA. She has 6 years of cumulative laboratory experience in antibody production, various molecular biology techniques, genomics, and vertebrate neural-pathology. She is part-time and non-salaried. She intends to relocate to Paris at the end of her tenure in Boston, MA.

Won KIM, Co-founder -CMO

Won originates from California and has honors MBA specializing in business creation, management, and blockchain. He has served as a market manager for Daewoo Motor and project manager at Samsung. He obtained a PhD degree in philosophy and arts from the University of Paris. Kim has started two tech startups, while teaching master level business classes.