With the new era of BIOLOGICS comes a huge need to deliver payloads ORALLYincluding proteins, peptides, and ANTIBODIES, which could help millions of patients in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

At PLANTIBODIES we develop orally administered next generation immunotherapies for gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Over the past three years, our scientific team has modified common, edible plants to produce humanised monoclonal antibodies in their leaves at high yields.

Once the plants have matured, the leaves are harvested, freeze-dried, and grinded in a fine powder, filled in a customized enteric capsule ready for oral administration.

Our production has a low carbon footprint. Our drugs are stable at room temperature, enabling easy storage and distribution to reach a worldwide population.

Once in the gastrointestinal tract, the plant cellulose walls naturally protect the biologics.

Then, when the plant powder reaches the colon, the microflora slowly degrades plant cellulose walls and release the biologics locally, triggering a therapeutic effect.

We are a team of PhDs from Collège de France, ESPCI, ENS, Ecole Polytechnique and Institut Curie, and business profiles (MSc, MBAs) from HEC Paris, ESCP, Collège des Ingénieurs.

Our labs are based in Sorbonne University, Paris, where innovation takes place.

PLANTIBODIES is pursuing a hybrid business model with an internal pipeline and partnered programs.

Partnerships may be structured around our delivery platform, targets, or indication.