Our team & advisors

Within Plantibodies thrives a dynamic team united by a steadfast determination to revolutionize immunotherapy. Our collective mission is centered on catalyzing a profound paradigm shift, aimed at fostering a healthier society and enhancing the quality of life for patients.

Pierre Bauër, Co-founder & CEO

After an engineering degree at ESPCI and an MSc from ENS, Pierre dived into cardiovascular research at Ecole Polytechnique labs. His quest for knowledge led him to a PhD in oncology from Sorbonne University in Paris. An MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs sharpened his strategic acumen. Pierre worked as the head of business developpement and strategy of Abbelight, a deeptech startup, founded PhD Consulting, and acted as an intrapreneur in cancer diagnostics at Curie Institute in Paris for 4 years prior to co-found Plantibodies.

Bilal Mazhar, Co-founder & CSO

After a biology degree from California State University and a research project on plant science, Bilal started as an independent biotech analyst for a VC fund in California. His expertise in biology, business, and insights into the pharmaceutical landscape spurred Bilal to pursue an MSc in synthetic biology at CRI in Paris. He worked at Pasteur Institute on infectious diseases, and developed microfluidic drug screening assays at Andrew Griffith's lab. He then pursued a PhD focused on addressing eye blindness at Collège de France prior to co-found Plantibodies.

Sylvain Marcel


Elsy Boglioli Hofman


Charles Ferté

Medical & Pharma

Luc Mathis

Business development

Our labs

Our biology labs, stationed at Sorbonne University in Paris, are strategically positioned at the epicenter of the burgeoning biotech innovation ecosystem, catalyzing pioneering breakthroughs and advancements.

Our facilities boast access to molecular biology labs, cell biology labs, plant biology labs, greenhouses, and indoor plant vertical farms, empowering our quest for innovation and discovery.