A delivery platform to target oral biologics directly to the GI mucosa

A natural and sustainable bioencapsulation

Over the past three years, our scientific team has seamlessly integrated molecular farming technologies and synthetic biology to yield high concentrations of biologics within plant leaves.

Following their harvest, these edible leaves undergo a meticulous transformation: freeze-dried, finely ground into a potent powder, and encapsulated in custom enteric capsules, optimized for oral delivery.

Our bioproduction not only champions sustainability with an exceptional reduction in carbon footprint, slashing production costs by over 90%, but also offers medications with remarkable room temperature stability, enabling effortless storage and worldwide distribution to positively impact lives globally.

Targeted delivery of high concentrations of biologics in the gastrointestinal tract

Embedded within plant cells, our biologics find natural protection. Shielded by custom capsules, they navigate through the stomach's challenges unscathed. Once in the small intestine, the plant cellulose walls naturally protect the biologics from digestive enzymes.

Upon reaching the colon as plant powder, the gradual breakdown by microflora liberates the biologics, locally activating their therapeutic potential.

Empowering Local Immunotherapies

Harnessing our distinct delivery method, we ignite localized immunotherapies, combatting a spectrum of GI tract ailments (cancers, inflammatory, and infectious diseases).

This groundbreaking innovation empowers patients to self-administer treatment at home, moving beyond hospital IV administrations, minimizing adverse effects, and paving the way for enduring therapies against chronic illnesses.