Our Pipeline

Our approach includes the reengineering of existing biologics for oral delivery, amplifying their efficacy and safety. We welcome collaborative co-development opportunities, leveraging our expertise to co-create and enhance these transformative solutions together.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease

At Plantibodies, we're exploring groundbreaking solutions for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). The two main sub-varieties—Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.​ Current chronic treatments are often associated with adverse side effects and painful injections. Furthermore, there are no approved therapies at all for mild-to-moderate IBD. ​We are developping orally delivered best in class biologics to fight against such chronic diseases.



Our pioneering oncology drug represents a significant stride in combatting colorectal cancer, which affects 2 million people on the planet every year, and which is considered the second most deadly cancer. This cancer is directly accessible from the colon lumen.



Since the breakthrough of GLP1 against obesity, we are currently in the selection phase of the right candidate to develop with our disruptive platform, increasing the stability and therefore the efficiency of such revolutionnary treatments.


Infectious Diseases & Anti microbial resistance

In alignment with our commitment to combat infectious diseases, we are diligently progressing in the discovery phase of a transformative medication. This promising drug represents a leap forward in our battle against anti microbial resistance.